Progress and an Icon !

June 17, 2009

Hi everyone, rest assured this is developing apace now.  There has been a pretty heavy bit of development where the Maths have been really complicated, but I think it’s getting close to coming out the other side now.  I will throw up some more screenshots very soon, and maybe a video of the planet transformation once it gets taken over.  I like it anyway.

Here is the first draft of the icon for the game.  Let me know what you think.



  1. Still still STILL waiting for this game! Can’t wait!

  2. Gonna post a blog entry later 🙂

  3. Hi Lazrhog, given the unique and exceptional design of the actual game I’d very much would recommend an icon that reflects that art style. You must have all the 3D models, why not put one of those colorful enemies on a pitch black background with only a few stars (white dots) behind it? Would be easy to do and look so much more inviting and fun.

    Sorry, one can tell you put a lot of effort into the current icon but not only conceptual would it make sense to match with the character of the game – think about all the people browsing the appstore!

  4. Yeah a number of people didn’t like the icon 🙂 gonna do a new one for the first update

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