In-Progress game video

May 7, 2009

OK, so here is a quick and dirty gameplay video. Hopefully it shows some of the elements that I have spoken about in previous blog entries.

If you look carefully, you can see the targeting system in operation. It’s only showing the first level, so there are only a few enemies and they are pretty tame, but it gets a heck of a lot more involved on the later levels.

I will add more gameplay videos over the next few weeks, and more blog entries regarding the gameplay mechanics and AI.



  1. It’s reminding me of an old Jaguar game. I’m trying to remember…

    • Hmm I never had a jaguar but I’d be interested to know which game šŸ™‚

      The game has certainly evolved from the beginning as I have been playing it. I want the same style of enemies as defender, but attacking differently as it is in 3d. Also the elements of zarch will come in to play too. I’ll post a video at some point showing the landscape mutating with the volcanoes. I am quite pleased with how it’s coming out.

  2. New game looks cool lazr! Do you have the game mechanics sorted out? or is it more of a proof of concept right now? I see you can fly around and shoot enemies. Have you thought about having small people on the ground, in houses, lighthouses, etc.. and the aliens come down and try and beam them up, and you have to fly around and stop them from getting beamed up? or certain alien ships try and destroy your windmills. So you have to play attack and defend, protecting your assets.

    Maybe you could even take it further and each level you can build points or money. then use the money to ugrade your planet, by adding more windmills or adding more generators, or whatever.

    Somehow each upgrade has an effect on something, ie: you add more windmills and your planet generates power. the more power you have the more generators you can add. the more generators you add the more houses you add. the more houses the more people. the more people the more resources they gather. or some kind of cause and effect. like a cross between a simcity / tower defense / and missle command. Building and adding your assets to your planet, destroying aliens attacking, protecting the people. Alot of ideas and things you could do. Maybe even make the planet bigger?

  3. At the moment the houses and windmills are populated and the aliens come down and abduct them. Shoot the aliens and the humanoids parachute back down to safety. Lose all humanoids and the lighthouse is then targeted, which makes the whole planet go unstable. Volcanoes grow out of the surface throwing huge rocks up that you must avoid.

    Love your ideas though :-).

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