Gameplay and Mathematics

March 22, 2009

Well I have a very good idea of gamelay.  I want to merge the “defending your humans” in their houses, with the prevention of virus spreading through the landscape.  Evidently these 2 ideas come from Zarch and Defender.  I think Defender married the whole level based schmup thing with objectives and the differing types of attackers, really well.  What I want to do is have an infected landscape (say above a basic percentage) then explode, as per Defender, with all the aliens turning nasty and going after you, rather than your houses.  Evidently this would still occur if the aliens got your humans from their houses too.

I like to think the Lighthouse looks so cool on my small planet, that I will feature it specially somehow.  Don’t know how yet.

Oh, another cool thing, when a “lander” for want of a better name at the moment, takes a human from a house/windmill, and reaches an arbitrary orbit level, it will “mutate” as per defender, but also shoot a laser bolt down to the house below, desroying it, “independence day” stylee 🙂

Now the maths for this is all getting pretty hairy, but I will make a future blog about the use of Quaternions in all this.   Heavy going, trust me…..

To give you some kind of idea of how far behind, the blog of the game is, behind actual development, I was writing a particle object last night for the explosions 🙂  Everything is coming along very very nicely !  Have I mentioned how much I love Objective-C yet ?   very sweet.  Damn shame I will have to re-write all this game to be able to port it …

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