Generating a small planet …

March 7, 2009

So the first step in this game is that the whole thing will take place around a small planet.  Now I don’t want textures.  There are going to be loads of polygons flying around as it is, and I don’t want to push the iPhone too much.  Plus going for Zarch styling means that I get a cool looking effect without texture mapping.

However, a small planet in graphical terms can be drawn in two ways, using a latitude and longitude approach, or what is called a geosphere.  Now a geosphere is much more interesting to me, as the lat long approach means you get tiny triangles at the poles, and large ones at the equator.  The geosphere is something that can be colored using triangles of equal size over its surface.  Perfect for zarch style graphics.  Heres a pic to show the difference.


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