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February 25, 2009

Hello to everyone that is going to join me down my merry road on the development of my brand new iPhone game.  I have already gotten a fair way into development, but I’ll be making a few posts to explain how I got where I did.

Firstly, I want to explain my inspiration for my game.  I love retro games.  I think when graphics were minimal and all people had was gameplay, games were awesome (not all obviously).  I wanted to take my all time favourite game (Defender), marry it with the unique graphical stylings of Zarch, and give it a modern flip in the style of Super Mario Galaxy.

Right, so with that out of the way, here is a graphical reminder of those 3 games.


Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy


  1. Sounds a really good idea. Perhaps you can creep up on enemies by flying the other way round the sphere- that kind of thing. Great.

  2. I’ve been thinking for quite a while how Virus concept could be updated to work on the iphone.
    ( Even though I found it impossible to play really)

    I can’t believe it was quite obvious really, to place it on a sphere! Having played Super Mario Galaxy, it really was staring blindingly in everyone’s face!

    Defender is my all time favourite game, I play it quite a lot on my pocket PC – iogames did a great touch screen port.

    Defender in 3D has never been done successfully, with the maniac game play as the 2D version, the 3D sphere idea could be it.

    Your game looks excellent – it really does combine three great game concepts! Can’t wait to play it!

    Makes me wonder why the original virus wasn’t on a sphere, would have been much better, the computers back them certainly had the horsepower to make virus work on a sphere.

    • yeah, defender in 3d around a sphere is pretty ambitious, but I think I am close to pulling it off 🙂 Just need to tie in the virus elements and it will be looking fairly complete 🙂 The Maths are really heavy in 3d around a sphere though, I can tell you that for nothing…..

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